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"I’m the person in charge." The first female four star admiral discusses her exciting and challenging work. 

Japanese idol, Tomohisa Yamashita (a.k.a. Yamapi), has been studying the English language. He attempts to solve riddles in English. 1/2
—2014.04.28 Otona no KISS Eigo ep. 2

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Based on this lovely headcanon right here!

Hope y’all enjoy c:

It hadn’t caught the Tachibana’s off-guard.

The whole cat situation had been going on for as long as they could remember—their oldest son was too kind and too caring to let a poor animal out in the open, without any…

Keiko’s face = my reaction to the second gif.

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chris “i’m really bad at games” evans

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DASH - 2013.06.23 Ninja Village

I laughed SOOO much! I can totally understand Nagase-director! XDD

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